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In vacancies on job sites, the average monthly salary of a doctor, depending on the specialization, is: Specialty Salary in $ Cosmetologist 90,000 Obstetrician-gynecologist 90,000 Anesthesiologist-resuscitator 66,000 Osteopath 65,000 Neurophysiologist 62,000 Marine doctor 60,000 Dentist 50,000 Pediatrician 47,000 Pediatrician 46,000 Therapist 40,000 Functional diagnostics physician 35,000 Urologist 30,000. Promotion in a government agency can be vertical or horizontal. In the first case, the doctor holds an administrative position, and in the second, he receives a higher qualification.

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  • A career can also be built in science if you have an interest and aptitude for research. Knowledge, talent and experience will help a simple university teacher or practicing doctor to become not only the head of the department or the dean of the faculty, but also the medical luminary of the international level.
  • Prostate, bladder, and kidney disease
  • The world has stepped into the third millennium, but the profession of a doctor has been and remains promising and in demand. Life constantly sets new tasks for humanity, and the present and future generations of doctors will have to take care of ensuring that each and every one has enough health to solve them.
  • If you still have the slightest doubt that the profession of a doctor is right for you, then we strongly recommend taking a career guidance test from Profgid. It costs a penny, while avoiding mistakes that can go wrong and cripple your whole life.

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